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Bermuda End to End 2016 [Video]

Categories // Community & kulcha, Memes

Bermuda End to End 2016 [Video]

Ay buh!

So aftah a few days of nonstop rain nearly errywun happy to see de sun again an’een happier to see de tanks fulla water fa de summer. Na....even tho she rained fa two days straight, that dea didn’t stop many End to Enders young, old, new, veterans and tourist from grabbing some rain suits, trash bags or ponchos to gear up and made de mission that only few ankles can withstand.

We linked up wit the E2E and Cellone crew before de event for a new way of coverage that’s used majorly by the youts. Instead of the usual we gave a first person view of a cultural fitness event that a lot of Bermudians look forward to accomplishing each year. We also followed the End to End legend Ms. Joan Dismont and her family as they walked with her to complete her 29th End to End!

But don’t let us talk to much...check de story for yaself buh!

Also get de snapchat app and add us cuz she’s gonna be sum exclusiveness from us all summer poppa!