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Bermudian Model Sophie Adams in Mimi Tran at London Fashion Week

Categories // Fashion & style

Bermudian Model Sophie Adams in Mimi Tran at London Fashion Week

Ay buh!
Wha happens when one day you come online and check ya usual messages from ya day one’s on whatsapp, ya emails, then maybe scroll a lil’ on FB or IG but in between all of dat dea, you happen to see yourself on Vogue UK website? Tha’s kinda wha happened wif Bermudian model Sophie Adams.

Now check this, Sophie Adams has been a local model since she got a blue plate. If some have been following us (or her) you wha know she signed on with Zone Models, a tidy high-end modelling agency based in the UK late last year.

“It's crazy to think that in 2013 I was turned away from an agency in London because I needed to lose 10 pounds, but now I’m signed with two agencies and walking in LFW!” Sophie mentions to us over a whatsapp convo - shout out to the plug! #salute

Taking note from a 2013 Bermuda Sun article, fresh face Sophie had been scouted after taking part in the Bermuda Evolution Fashion Show (now Bermuda Fashion Festival) to an agency in London. Although the original scouting for her to participate in London Fashion Week (LFW) fell through, four years later she finds herself flossing de runway for Mimi Tran.


In a world whurr you usually see models such as Gigi Hadid, Jasmine Tookes, Kendall Jenner or even our very own Lillian Lightbourn, Sophie finds herself speechless to see herself being posted on de same website as people she aspires to be.

“The pressure was REAL.”

Representing her agency Zone Models, she attended two hour long castings in front of 20+ designers eagle eyeing her profile all while having to walk in front of a hundred more females she was competing against. A few days later, her agency hit her up and was like “Ay girl, Mimi Tran wants you walk shru their show on Satdee!” - but like more inna British accent, you know….

“Receiving that sort of news honestly blew my mind. It's an amazing feeling to know that a designer has chosen you to represent their clothing line.” - Sophie Adams

Calling de whole ordeal an “ extremely humbling experience” she appreciates the strong, encouraging support system surrounding her.

Proud of you buh! Feels good knowing another Bermudian is living their dream. We look forward to writing more about you and all ya future achievements acegirl!

You can see all the pics on Vogue here or follow her on instagram here