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How To Get Rahn Bermy Drawn Ah Strike

Categories // Memes

How To Get Rahn Bermy Drawn Ah Strike

Ay buh
So we lot did some fact checking and lowke talked wif de Minstree of Transportayshin to come up wif some easy tips fa errywun to make their day run smoovlee wif de island vide labour vifdrawal today aka strike aka boss umma be Shree hours late. Ve biez thought it'll be de perfect time to suggest 5 Ways you ca get rah Bermy drawn uh strike

1. Ankle Express

Nah END 2 END rahn de corner and so is Bermuda Day Marathon. She’s nah ah good sunny day to get  in ya practiice plus it’s healthy! No axcuse buh if ya cousin ran or walked dis lass yurr....you can

Spotted on de road. Pure Bermudians taking de ankle express to verk due to islsndwide strike #Bermuda #bermemes

Posted by Bermuda Memes on Friday, March 11, 2016

2. Hover board
Nah we know bermy likes trends and dis one ank stop bermudians from joining it. Nah hurr guys out see, if ya tryna find a way into tahn you can use ya weight and ride de hover board all 2 hours into de city.... 4.5 depending on ha many potholes in de road you dodge

Hoverboard generic kj3l412

3. De Scientist $2 Tow Rides

Ank no trans like enjoying de scenic landscapes of Bermy from Scientists  handle bars.



4. De Scientist Shree Dolla Boat Rides

And if ya really into Bermy’s views, ak about ya boys new trans and  you can een get in a little excitement as he strap you to de front giving you a similar ride to de Wildcat! AND ONLY FA SHREE DOLLAS….. Plus a photo!


or this way buh


5 De Free GP Taxi

I mean, we do pay for dem right? So ma dat free ride boss!