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How to Park Like ah Bermudian in 5 Steps

Categories // Memes

How to Park Like ah Bermudian in 5 Steps

Ay buh!

So ova de years people have sent us pure vids and pics. Some funny, some captions, some breaking news etc etc. We lot decided to use a few from ah professional drivers hurr in Bermuda to show how to park like a Bermudian in 5 easy ways.


1. Ya Still Got Some Space Leff

Nah dis wun when ya boy behind you keeps letting you kno you ca keep reversing until ya eeda on de side walk or off de dock - either is okay


1space d


2. Ye’enk got any space leff

quite de opposite of number 1, this martial art move of parking is for dem genuises that love a little whiplash and winchin




3. Taking Up Your Space

A rare breed move that creates legendary status for A**hole of de year. A quite talented individual



4. De Um just runnin in de Store real quick

aka de conversationalist aka um too broke to pay and display

double parking4


5. Create Ya own Space

This is only for de experts of Bermudian Driving, dat have completely conquered all other chambers of de Parking Shaolin Way of driving. Only at 5 you’ll reach enlightenment, and that is de fact you are now on de bus






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