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My Son Only Talks about Girls

Categories // Memes

My Son Only Talks about Girls

"My Son is 15 and all he talks about is girls. How do I get him to focus on more important things like education and family?"

Brenae' Pearman, Warwick



auntsmDear Brenae,


Garl once de peach fuzz enters onto Souf Shore these biez start thinking they’re the cats meow…not in my house ya not! My oldest went thru that phase rahn de same age…I packed him 2 trash bags fulla clothes an told him as long as he lives unda my roof he will think, breathe an live de way I want him to, an if he wants to chase afta these fast lil daughterz of Jezebel he ca chase em straight rahn Brangman home for boyz. I said these girlz don’t want a highschool dropout! Anyway try dat, but slap him upside his head real hard when u tell him it helps get de point across sometimes.



Aunt Paulette


uncsmGreetings Brenae,


She comes a time in life whurr ah bie mus’be a bie... and also she comes ah time whurr you muss hav ah full tank of water fa dem long showers. you hurr me now? Listen to me now, these dings will happen, you needa undestand dat a locked door means no entry, you hurr me? Family always gonna be dea, and education hurr is a couple questions at adult education. Let’s be real now, de bie ca have a PhD in Quantum Physics an still be working rahn Marketplace as ah stockin shelves… Not saying you shouldnt try teach ya boy but ledde bie live a lil cuz wunce ah hamma sees a pretty skirt arryding changes, de only ding you ca teach ya boy is de way a bie sha treat ah lady cuz errwun knows de right girl could create de better bie. Just look at me and Paulette


P.S. Buy more kleenex


Wiff Love

Brother Cyril

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