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Tips for Having a Fly, Good Fridee

Categories // Memes

Tips for Having a Fly, Good Fridee

Aye bah, iz dat time a yurr again when all we lot cah think about iz hot cross buns, fish cakes, and FLYIN KITES. Fah most of you lot, you know de deal but if ya new to de game, we have some tips on how to fly any kite.

Birdie kites are pretty simple, but if ya got a lil patience,  nuffin beats a traditional Bermy kite.  All you need is some sticks, string, glue (flour and water verks too) and any typa papah as you cah see...

 Good Friday 2013 119 copyGood Friday 2014020 copy

And if you need een MORE INSPIRATION, check deez axperts...

Alan Daniels and James Butterfield featured above


Now...time to get YA KITE up...

If you bump into dis fella, his one a de friendlist birds you'll eva meet. But dun try fly ya kite nurr a BALCO line or ya boy gets fiesty wiff de 'DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT' speech...Save yaself de embarrasment and ya life and pick a safe spot.

Good Friday 2013 073 copyGood Friday 2014064 copy


Once ya got a safe spot to fly, dependin on how breezy she is, adjust ya loop and tail before you try and pitch.

Good Friday 2015 019 copy


Good Fridee iz a holy holidee but if ya kite hazzum, dun waist ya time...

Good Friday 2015 001 copy


To get ya kite up, you need some sun, a lil breeze, and a someone dat knows how to PITCH IT. Afta ya put in de work to build it, dun have ya acegirl/boy mess up de execution...

Good Friday 2013 042 copyGood Friday 2015 025 copy


If ya pitchin a BIG KITE, ya gone need bout 4 of ya mates to hold de string. Dun have somebody at de end pretendin to be de anchor...

Good Friday 2013 034 copy


Once ya got ya kite up its de survival of de fittest. Some kites are friendly, but oddas are just waitin to take you dahn...

Good Friday 2015 002 copy


Any-ha..you lot enjoy de Holidee and memba, SAFETY FIRST!  

Side note...pie contests are tempting but savin some room for fish cakes and hot cross buns iz more important.

Good Friday 2013 063 copy