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Bermunchies Highlights: Brunch at Marcus

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By @eliizzyv Bermunchies Highlights: Brunch at Marcus

#TeamBermunchies was lucky enough to be invited to Marcus and try out their new Sunday Buffet Brunch offering which is held every Sunday at Marcus from 11-3pm.


The brunch spread consisted of some of their popular menu items like their cornbread madeleines and chicken and waffles served Portuguese style with Piri-Piri and a house made chili syrup (WHICH WE LOVED x infinity), alongside other dishes made specially for the occasion.

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The best part about any Brunch is the ability to grab seconds (or thirds) and we definitely took another trip around the brunch table to get another spoonful of their DELICIOUS stewed carrots and lentils over rice. How can we even describe the taste of it to you through a blog post? It was rich and deep in flavour- slightly smokey even. You could tell it had been brewing for hours to develop such a profound flavour profile. They also had a curried fish strew made with local rock fish that was absolutely amazing. There were hearty chucks of fish engulfed in a sea of a yummy warm curried broth that was served perfectly over a bed of white rice- just the thing you need to soak up all of that tasty deliciousness! Other items on offer included cold options like a Greek salad made with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and feta drizzled with olive oil and balsamic, a German style potato salad, a tomato orzo pasta salad, spinach quiche, the smoothest devilled eggs you’ll ever set your mouth on and a smoked salmon platter topped with herbs and capers complete with freshly made bread and cheeses.


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You also have the option to visit the kitchen area for more choices which included a carving station and omelette station. We were served the BIGGEST piece of roasted pork we have ever seen in our lives (ok we may be exaggerating a bit but it was pretty big!). The pork was pickled and spiced before it was roasted for several hours until the fat rendered and the meat became juicy. They also had their popular Chicken & Waffles here which was made fresh to order by the chefs as you watched him do his magic. We will be going back for this dish in particular. Other hot sides available here included a cheesy broccoli bake and the chef’s favourite- a tortilla egg scramble with pickled onions- which was personally recommended by chef Leonardo. We just HAD to try it if it’s one of his personal favourites!! We ended on a sweet note with dessert. They had a homemade bread pudding, chocolate cakes, Banana bread made with local fruit and a carrot cake that was simply out of this entire universe. It was the perfect ending to a celebrity feast.

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Brunch at Marcus may not have the biggest spread as compared to many other locations on island, but you can be certain of one thing the food will be scrumptious and like no other you’ve had! Thebrunch menu i set to vary every week so head on over and youll understand what all the hype is about! Follow them on Facebook too keep up to date with all the latest foodie functions!