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Bermunchies Review: Brunch at Marcus

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By: Sherelle Campbell Bermunchies Review: Brunch at Marcus

Bermudians love to brunch- that is a fact. Whether it be a casual Sunday outing or a family celebration, brunches are the perfect way to expose your taste buds to a selection of varied dishes. Our #FoodieFriend Sherelle Campbell sent us an awesome review about her experience at Marcus where she got to try their special Champagne brunch. Have a read and enjoy!



So today we attended brunch at Marcus Restaurant at Hamilton Princess hotel. Someone had mentioned to Chiko (my hubby) that their brunch was amazing so he made reservations for us. Everything was amazing. Brunch started at 12 and we were taken to our seat by the lovely hostess. I had been to Marcus before for dinner and absolutely loved the atmosphere. Chef Leonardo walks to each table and greets the guests. I find that very nice. To our surprise Chef Marcus walked in and also came to each table to greet as well. He says to Chiko "Hey you’re the rub guy!". They had met 2 years ago when he first came to Bermuda. A local band called "The Nate Lucas All Star Band" performed some Luther Vandross and other great selections. They also sang happy birthday to a few guests.BRUNCH AT MARCUS


IMG 20160124 WA0011 1


They offer brunch every Sunday from 12pm -3pm at $75 per person which includes all you can eat buffet as well as champagne. I started with a waffle topped with a delicious almond tasting syrup, scrambled eggs and a scrumptious slice of pork tenderloin. On the side I had a delicious pimento cheese devilled egg. DELICIOUS!  The waiter comes to your table and offers you mini fish cakes as well. They were welllllllllllll. 

20160124 124309


When I went up to the buffet for my second time I picked up a juicy looking watermelon salad. It was delicious with cherry tomatoes and goats cheese. Yummy!  On the side I had spicy green beans which were cooked with ginger. DELICIOUS! The beef tenderloin was tender and well-seasoned.


20160124 124304


The dessert table has all sorts of pastries, cookies, and custards. I went for a delightful looking dessert in a mason jar. It was yoghurt with granola, raisins, and topped with chopped apples and cinnamon. That was also lovely!! 


20160124 130655


Have you eaten something so delicious you want the whole world to know about it? Tell us all about it and we will share it on our site! Happy Eating Bermuda!!