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It's Electric!

Categories // Bermunchies

It's Electric!

By this time you've probably seen the flyers flashed at least once or twice across your newsfeed and timelines. If you haven't, then let us tell you that tonight is the night that all things are bright and glowing... because tonight, it's about to be electricfying! Not even tryna sound cheesy but if you got a feel for the flashy, neon bright lights and pumped up kicks you might wanna come to snorkel with us. But before all de lituation... hurr's a lil sneak peek before de shots starts pouring.


Thanks to Burrows Lightbourne we got a pre-launch party taste.  The Electric Berry flavour packs a fruity kick that reminded us of a blackcurrent liqour or as we joked after tasting, an alcoholic Ribena . Our favorite by far is the Electric Apple, which is similar to the taste of a sour apple martini. The best way to serve it? As is in a chilled glass. Just pop it in the freezer, let it chill a bit, then pour yourself some fun buh

 Anyways, Team BERMEMES and BERMUNCHIES are heading to Snorkel tonight for some electric vibes and we will be snapping de whole set! So come shru and get your own little taste or check out Burrows Lightbourne for your own bottle and remember always drink responsibly if you are ova de age of 18. Wait ya turn smallies!