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Bermunchies: Samuelsson’s at Fairmont Hamilton Princess

Categories // Bermunchies

By @eliizzyv Bermunchies: Samuelsson’s at Fairmont Hamilton Princess

If you haven’t been reading de news (which I dun’een blame you for) about Celebrity Chef Marcus Sammuelsson opening up a place at Ham. P, ya prolly been living under a rock. As soon as BERMEMES heard aceboy was opening a spot guys just had to book a reservation. I mean ha’many times ya gone check ya ding, moms or nana and they either watching de stories, HGTV or Food Network – see ya prolly laughing right now knowing exactly wha I mean.   

Anyway, as a bye who watches Chopped, ah’s a bit excited to know umma be smackin back some well greeze from some bye I watch on de tv – so criss. Being a part of Bermemes i felt obliged to explore Mr. Samuelsson’s remixes of wha resembles Bermewjan cuisine. Neverdeless, let’s get started…



De Dark & Stormier

gingerbeer, fresh ginger, gosling’s rum

Nah when I saw this, she was a no brainer buh! De Dark & Stormier is like Samuelsson dropped levels with Barrrit’s to de gingerbeer fairies and they squeezed him fresh ginger every single time a customer asked fa de drink. Sers buh, usually when ya durr crafting ya Dark &  Stormy she’s a lil rigid or rough vif de Gingerbeer on top fighting de rum but vif Sammuelsson’s remix of de drink she felt like being wunna dem byes surfboarding dahn Horseshoe during de hurricane – rough but smoothly skilled.



Fish Chowder Croquettes

Rum Aioli

Nah buh, you know any restaurant without fish chowder on de menu just ank legit n Bermy (Sorry, not sorry). Arry Bermudian has their own way of eating fish chowder and this was definitely a first for me. Even tho it wurrnt’een my ordered dish and I kinda ganked Elizabeth’s starter, this boasty version of traditional fish chowder had arryding it needed and was well seasoned. She’s safe to say this was definitely the favourite dish of the night.



Seared Catch of the Day
Wahoo Steak w/ salsa verde, grilled lime
& Coconut Creamed Spinach

Ah’een know whurr to starton dis because one moment ahs casually eating dis gurt piece of Wahoo steak in front of me and den next ding you know um coughin up de place as if some mug co-worker came shru vif de flu. All umma say is, dat durr salsa verde has a fackin kick to it – one I wurrnt axpectin at all! The blend of seared fish, some mouth cell burning salsa and the smoothness of de buttery coconut creamed spinach in one forkful was so good… Even if it took shree quarters of my Dark & Stormier to survive de salsa verde.


By de time dessert came shru, we just couldn’t choose, and well we ended up ordering almost errding on de sweets menu.


20140605 201336


Rum Cake
w/ strawberry & ginger

Tiny but tasty and vif some ripe strawberries on de side added that lil mixture that makes you want  a bigger version.

20140605 201255

 Dark & Stormy Sorbet

Nah, I was a lil skeptic before diving into this hurr, cuz as you know when ya familiar vif a certain taste you expect it that way. De Dark and Stormy sorbet is well buh! The taste of fresh ginger melting in your mouth with the pinapple topping is unforgettable. May need dis to be manufactured fa dem hot days dahn de beach 


Banana Bread  Pudding Parfaitbanana

Ah’een know why but dis was my favourite sweet you kno – it just seemed to go together real well. De banana bread, frozen banana and whipped topping, ya bully. She ank nuffin like some of grannys banana bread and ya boy pulled this one off nicely. Yessi poppa!




All in all, Samuelsson at HP is excellent; Excellent view, excellent food and excellent service. The service stayed on point throughout the evening; it was if I may say, damm near perfect.  My most memorable moment was not just seeing young Bermudians at work but the way they carried themselves and engaged customers. At one point between cocktails and starters, I had a slight conversation with a young bye that went Bermuda College while I worked there. It started as catching up with each other with him asking us about our orders and then with him going into detail about our choices. If you’re looking for something new, fresh, but Bermudian,, you should definitely try out Sammuelsson at HP at least once. I know umma be be back rahn durrr again buh.